SKK Interactive Shopping Window,
using Really Useful Touch Switch B0702

lotsMoreHere[ ] installed a new way to window shop for SKK Lighting in Soho, London.
The SKK Vendo treats the shop window as an interface and allows for people to try out the various lights inside even when the shop is closed.

Using their smartphones people can then bookmark or buy the products that they have discovered. Robert Small of lotsMoreHere[] says: Lotsmorehere[] is an interactive architecture company that specialises in providing creative but functional interactive experiences at a building scale. Part of what we do involves creating bespoke interactive shopfronts. Using the actual window as an interface as well as integrating other modern technologies such as qr codes, smart phones and augmented reality. We want to create fresh intuitive and memorable experiences for the users. The B0702 Really Useful Touch Switch has the high sensitivity and excellent reliability that we need for this project.   If you want a similar shop window designed for you, or have another project which needs an installer / interactive interface designer, contact Robert at