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Capacitive (PCAP) Touch-Sensing Keypad with 16 keys

ProxiPad-16 is a touch sensitive keypad that can sense touch through virtually any non-conductive overlay such as a window pane, or wood, stone, marble and plastic. Where the touch panel is mounted on the inside of a window, the user can operate it by touching the other side of the glass. ProxiPad senses the touch right through the window. This enables new shopping concepts such as interactive house hunting at estate agents, after hours

Layout : 16 buttons in a 4 x 4 matrix.

Straight Forward Installation ...
1. Stick the ProxiPad onto the inside of a window or other operating surface using double-sided adhesive strips (supplied)
2. Connect ProxiPad to your PC, or other host, via the RS232 cable provided
3. Connect the power adapter and switch on.

Your software can pick up the key codes transmitted from the ProxiPad to allow through-window control.

ProxiPad transmits different key codes to indicate which button has been touched or released. These codes can be changed if desired, for example using Coastform's TouchPad.exe.

Windows software (BtnView.exe) is supplied to allow configuration of parameters such as sensitivity and response time. Many parameters can be configured on a per button basis.

Panel labels can be adhered to the touch-side of a touch surface overlay or directly to the touch panel. ProxiPad will sense through both the overlay and the label.

Need a different layout or design ? Bespoke solutions can be created to suit your requirements, with an integrated controller and touch pad, or to accommodate different button shapes, sizes, layout, backlighting and even curved touch surfaces.

What is included ? ...

1x PP16 Touch Keypad

2x Double-sided high-performance adhesive

1x RS232 lead 1.8m male to female

1x Power supply for touch switch, with 5m long cable

Download more information...

Flyer / Overview

Quick Start

User Guide

Windows Software for use with ProxiPad 16...

BtnView. Software for changing the touch sensitivity.

TouchPad - enables touch buttons to control Windows applications.

BinaryTerminal.Terminal emulator that displays binary as well as ASCII.

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