About Us

Coastform was started in 1990, rapidly gaining experience in the field of projected capacitive (PCAP) sensing.
We are proudly behind some of the world’s best selling touch sensing ICs, developing the very first touch matrix IC, for the lift industry, in 1998.

In 2000 we signed a licensing agreement with Quantum Research Group (QRG Ltd.) and went on to develop a family of more than 50 QMatrix ICs for Quantum under the agreement.
QMatrix, which forms the basis of the hugely successful range of maXTouch touch screen controllers, has proven to be an extremely robust and reliable method of keyboard touch sensing.

Coastform’s touch firmware, which include the infamous QT60168, QT60248, QT60326, and QT60486, are installed in millions of products, worldwide. They are in daily use in hundreds of different types of electronic products, including white goods appliances, small kitchen appliances, hobs, ovens, leisure & gym equipment, commercial and industrial products, and home electronics, and are designed in by some of the worlds largest and highest profile companies.

Since Hal Philipp sold Quantum in February 2008, Coastform has continued its licensing agreement with the new owners, Atmel Corp., developing latest generation touch ICs including the QT1244, QT1245, QT1481 and QT2640, all of which meet the requirements for IEC/EN60730, are VDE compliant, and have UL approval.

We develop our own touch sensing products and develop bespoke touch sense interfaces and touch screens for our customers.