Capacitive (PCAP) Touch Sensor / Switch

  • Senses touch through almost any non-conductive material such as glass, wood, plastic, ceramic, etc.
  • Fixed sensitivity. Eg sense through glass up to 12mm thick.
  • Fixed output function: MOSFET transistor, switched on while touched.

This capacitive touch switch is small (has the same dimensions as an SD card), and is a fixed-function version of our programmable touch switch

These digital, projected-capacitive (PCAP) touch sensor switches detect human touch. Using the same sensing technology used in the touchscreens of smartphones, they will project touch and sense through almost any non-conductor, such as wood, glass, plastic, stone, ceramic, while conductors can be turned into sensors.

The sensor output is a MOSFET transistor that operates as a switch when the sensor is touched, allowing simple on/off signaling or switching of other devices.

These devices are suitable for applications that are subject to environmental influences or even vandalism. They feature adaptive automatic self-calibration, drift compensation, and digital filtering algorithms that make the sensing function robust. They can permit the construction of 100% sealed, watertight sensors and control panels that are immune to humidity, temperature, chemicals, dirt accumulation, abrasion, and abuse.

The sensing area can be increased, if required, by bonding the touch switch to a conductor, such as a small sheet of tin foil, using double-sided adhesive tape.

The board is fitted with a small, cable-capturing, 3-pin socket for both power and signaling. The supply voltage, which should be DC in the range +5V to +24V, uses 2 of the pins while the 3rd is the switch output.

What is included ?

Interactive 3-D view

This interactive 3-D view of the touch switch takes a few seconds to load but allows viewing from any angle.



Weight, touch switch only: 0.005Kg (5g)


Controlling Windows Applications

Together with TouchPad.exe, the touch switches can be used to control applications in Windows.

TouchPad - Windows app that enables touch buttons to control other Windows applications.

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Touch Switch, Non-Programmable

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