A touch-sensitive switch kit to help disabled people request staff assistance when entering a high street shop, restaurant or other establishment; TouchCall is the solution to the disability discrimination act (DDA).

  • Through-window touch sensor.
  • Senses touch through both single and double glazing.
  • Bonds to the inside of the window using high-performance, double-sided adhesive (supplied).
  • A bright LED on the faceplate shines through the window providing visual feedback to acknowledge the caller's touch.
  • Loud chime included.

Sporting a smart, stainless-steel faceplate and coupled with a loud door-bell/chime, Touchcall senses a person's touch and activates the remote chime, alerting staff that somebody needs assistance to enter. An internal sounder and bright LED on the faceplate acknowledge the caller's touch with both audible and visual feedback.

No pressure is needed to activate the touch switch as the presence of a finger, or any other part of the body is sensed electronically by a PCB mounted on the rear of the stainless steel faceplate. Using the same Projected Capacitive (PCAP) sensing technology used in the touch screens of smartphones, TouchCall can sense a finger or hand touch, foot inside a shoe, etc. through the glass window.

The stainless-steel faceplate bonds to the inside of the window using double-sided, high-performance adhesive(supplied) or, for an even stronger bond, a glass to metal adhesive can be used, such as Loctite 319 rear view mirror bonder. It has no moving push-button parts to break or be broken and is vandal resistant due the simple, flat, robust design of the faceplate.
A wall-mount version is also available.

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TouchCall - Disabled Access Alert System - Sense Through Glass, with Wired Chime

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