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TouchPad.exe is a demonstrator for Coastform's various capacitive touch switches and keypads, but together they can be used to control Windows applications running on a PC.

In a simple configuration, TouchPad displays a different image in response to input from the touch buttons, but it also supports simple emulation of keyboard and mouse input.

TouchPad listens for activity from Coastform capacitive touch switches and keypads connected via a COM port (or USB virtual COM port) and can emulate keystrokes and mouse actions to enable control of Windows applications. This allows the touch buttons to be used to create touch sensitive interactive interfaces for applications such as operation-through-glass interactive shopping windows and museum exhibits.

Keyboard emulation in TouchPad works by generating a specific keystroke in response to a particular touch input. A different keystroke can be configured for each touch switch or button on the keypad.

Similarly, the mouse emulation allows mouse actions to be defined, and a different mouse action can be setup for each touch button.

One particular mouse action allows the cursor to be moved to a specific screen location and be followed by a left mouse button click. This action alone allows considerable control over Windows apps. Using this action, a number of touch buttons can be setup to operate different software buttons on the PC, perhaps in a web browser.
The possibilities are endless.

TouchPad.exe is compatible with the following Coastform capacitive touch switches and keypads:
Really Useful Touch Switch (B0702A & B0702B)


User Guide

WARNING: TouchPad is provided free of charge and is unsupported. It is intended as a demonstration of the application control that can be achieved. There are hidden dangers, however, because of the possibility of mouse clicks at unintended screen positions or generating keystrokes to an unintended application.
By downloading this application you agree to our Terms and Conditions available elsewhere on our website.

TouchPad Installer. Software to demonstrate various capacitive Touch switches and keypads.
Note that this version of the software supports COM ports less than 10 (COM1 to COM9).

TouchPad demo. "TouchPad WindowsControlDemo" is for use with TouchPad.exe app, to demonstrate the ability to control other Windows apps using Coastform's capacitive switches and keypads.

Double-click "TouchPad WindowsControlDemo.tps" to get started. This will launch TouchPad.exe which, in turn, will launch "TouchPad WindowsControlDemo.exe" as configured in "TouchPad WindowsControlDemo.tps".

The "TouchPad WindowsControlDemo.tps" configuration file is setup not only to launch "TouchPad WindowsControlDemo.exe" but also to emulate cursor movement and left-button mouse clicks over the "TouchPad WindowsControlDemo.exe" app when the capacitive switches are touched. A different button on "TouchPad WindowsControlDemo.exe" is configured to operate for each capacitive button touched by moving the cursor to specific screen coordinates and then generating a left-mouse click.

The "TouchPad WindowsControlDemo.tps" demo has specifically been setup to generate the left-mouse clicks over the relative safety of the "TouchPad WindowsControlDemo.exe" window, which is configured to open at the top-left corner of the screen. Be careful when changing the TouchPad configuration and in particular when changing the location of mouse clicks. Also be sure to have the target window open and at the right screen coordinates when testing, otherwise the mouse clicks might operate something competely unintended !

A more functional system might be configured to operate buttons within a web-browser.

The "TouchPad WindowsControlDemo.tps" configuration is setup to respond to input from 3 capacitive buttons that transmit codes 1,2 and 3. If using B0702B touch switches, they should be programmed to transmit the character sequences "SD1", "SD2", and "SD3". See TouchPad for details of the character sequence it expects from B0702 touch switches. See B0702B for details of how to program the touch switches.

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TouchPad Software

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